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Meta Project of the funding guideline for cultural and arts education in rural areas METAKLUB

Principal Investigator

Professor Nina Kolleck (until March 2023 at the University of Leipzig)

Research coordinators

Dr. Ronny Patz

Felica Selz, MA

Nils Zimmer, MA

Research assistants

Berfin Yildirim, MA

Trang Le, MA

Desideria Kranl, MA

Christiane Emmerling, BA

Funding volume of the funding guideline

12.1 million EUR

Amount of funding for the meta project

1,605,273.46 EUR


1.12.2019 until 30.11.2024

For information, see the project’s homepage:


The meta project MetaKLuB supports the research projects and bundles the results of the funding guideline on cultural and arts education in rural areas in three central areas:

  1. through own research, so-called meta-research
  2. by networking the funded projects with each other and with experts from science and practice
  3. by preparing the results for an interested public.

Scientific expertise on cultural and arts education in rural areas

MetaKluB conducts quantitative and qualitative research. First, MetaKLuB uses quantitative methods to analyze existing secondary data on cultural and arts education and cultural participation in rural areas (e.g. NEPS data).

Second, it brings together the findings of the individual projects and links them to the international state of research. To this end, secondary data and previous studies in the field on the topic of the funding guideline are systematically analysed: With a systematic review of national and international literature, the meta-project develops a comprehensive overview of developments, focal points and desiderata in research on cultural and arts education in rural areas.

Finally, a theoretical framework will be developed and ideas for future research will be generated.

Bridging function and hub

In the context of the second focal point, networking, the meta-project coordinates the organization of conferences, workshops, advanced training courses and the promotion of scientific mid-level staff. A scientific advisory board with proven experts from various fields of cultural and arts education in practice and science accompanies and advises the funding guidelines and the work of the meta project. Initial training courses are held, for example, on research data management and science communication. Once a year, the research projects of the funding guideline meet at the University of Leipzig for a networking conference.

Knowledge for the public

The third focal point of the meta project focuses on press and public relations work and thus the sustainable transfer of findings into practice and the public. Thus, among other things, results and developments from the research projects of the funding guideline are announced on this website. A calendar of events, news from the meta project as well as the projects of the funding guideline and the area of cultural education in rural areas can also be found there. There are also regular blog posts on events and topics taking place in the context of cultural and arts education. For the ears, there is our podcast KuBiLand. Also, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Through these and further formats, central content is linked, prepared and communicated.

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Prof. Dr. Nina Kolleck

University Professor of Educational and Socialization Theory

Campus Golm
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
14476 Potsdam

0331 977-2176